Golden Eagle Caravans

The Golden Eagle brand is well-known in the caravan industry for top-quality design and performance with exceptionally laid-out living space interiors. We have a truly excellent range of Golden Eagle caravans for sale, including current and later models.

The Golden Eagle range covers multiple sizes, including smaller, compact motorhomes and family-sized caravans. We invite you to browse our options to find the right one for your needs.

Our Golden Eagle Caravans Range

Golden Eagle caravans are priced as budget caravans, although they are equipped with the features of high-end caravans. These are superior caravans with a vast range of all the new onboard features and amenities.

Our Golden Eagle range includes:

Golden Eagle Escape

The Golden Eagle Escape caravans are designed for space and comfort.  See the wonderful layouts in this range with plenty of storage space and all the onboard features you want.


Golden Eagle Talon

 Golden Eagle Talon caravans are known for their modern interior layouts. These caravans feature beautiful built-in kitchens, L-shaped seating and extensive onboard features. Explore these fantastic new caravans and you’ll see some great deals.


Golden Eagle Escape family vans

This range really was designed for families. The Golden Eagle Escape family vans are spacious with all the fixtures and fittings of a modern home. Some models of these beautiful vans even have bunk beds for the kids.  If you’re looking for a caravan that delivers all the exciting features you want when you take the family on the road, don’t miss the Golden Eagle Escape family vans.

Our other Golden Eagle caravans

Our range of Golden Eagle caravans includes many other models, like the very popular Golden Eagle Concorde, Golden Eagle Optimum Family Vans, Golden Eagle Mino and more. Browse our range and see what’s right for you.


Used Golden Eagle Caravans

We have a selection of used Golden Eagle caravans, immaculately restored to perfect condition. Browse our used range and snap up a bargain on a truly fabulous caravan!


Ask Us about Golden Eagle Caravans

To find out more about our big range of new and used Golden Eagle caravans, call us and talk to the experts. The Caravan Company will look after you from the moment you enquire about purchasing a caravan to ensure it remains in the very best condition.

We are dedicated to making sure that we do our very best to get you and your caravan on the road. Call us on (02) 4983 1222 or contact us online. You’re always welcome to come and visit our caravan display centre and see our range for yourself.

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