Option RV Caravans

Our Option RV range of caravans for sale in Newcastle includes all the latest high-tech features, spacious interiors and onboard design features you’ll love. If you’re looking for a great selection of top-quality caravans, equipped with the comforts of home and practical on-road features, you can’t go past the Option RV caravans.

Our stunning Option RV range includes:

Option RV Distinction

This is a great caravan for any caravan tour. The Option RV Distinction is packed with amenities, including Bluetooth, a huge fridge, great storage and lots of extras. Browse our product features information and you’ll find a list of the things you want and need onboard.

Option RV Tornado Range

Our Option RV Tornado range covers a big selection of exceptional, modern caravans. This extensive range includes family-size caravans with bunk beds and the modern fittings you’d expect from a high-quality caravan. If you’ve been watching the latest ads online or in trade magazines, you’ll see absolutely everything in these caravans. This range also includes smaller caravans for those hassle-free getaways.

Our Other Option RV Caravans

The very versatile Option RV range includes many additional choices, like the comfy Option RV Traction and the bigger, attractive Tribute caravans. The Option RV range delivers real value for money, combining modern design with every important on-road and off-road feature. Explore your choices and have fun choosing the perfect caravan for your next road trip.


Used Option RV caravans

Our Option RV caravans also include our beautifully maintained, used caravans. These used caravans are in brilliant condition, flawlessly maintained and ready to hit the road when you are.


Ask Us about Option RV Caravans

For all enquiries about our Option RV range, ring (02) 4983 1222 or contact us online. You can also come in and see our current range of new and used Option RV caravans for sale in Newcastle any time. Ask our friendly experts about finding the perfect caravan for you.

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